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Kelly is dedicated to telling the kinds of meaningful, exciting stories she loves to read and watch. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and she studied graduate level Interactive Media at Quinnipiac University. Prior to writing fiction, she spent more than a decade telling the stories of small businesses and their founders so the most positive and authentic parts could shine through. Her various work has been featured in national press including NPR, Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, Parents.com, and Los Angeles Times.

As a kid, Kelly grew up with a dad who would read a book, ask her to read it, too, and then insist they discuss it together. The topics were weighty things, like philosophy, religion, history, spirituality, psychology, creativity, love, cognition, perception, birth, death, and the afterlife. Although her father passed away when she was a teenager, her passion for life’s big questions lives on. That passion is often reflected in Kelly's thrillers, giving them a depth which leaves readers wanting more and thinking about her stories long after the last lines are read.

Kelly is currently working on a long series of novels featuring fictional character George Hartmann. The George Hartmann Series is the debut production from her publishing company Standards of Starlight. The stakes are high. And the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat. Begin with Book One, Ithaca's Soldier.

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In her free time, Kelly enjoys travel, good books, and good food, as well as a variety of media including movies, TV, music, and social media. She lives in the Nashville suburb of Franklin, Tennessee with her husband Sam and their two teenage sons.

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Fun Facts About Kelly




Kelly likes dogs, especially breeds with floppy ears. Her canine sidekicks are Ellie the golden retriever and Pepper the Llewellin setter. They often appear in her social media posts. Kelly also has a black cat who thinks he’s a panther. His name is Jack and, since he was welcomed into the family as a kitten at Halloween, Kelly’s husband insists his middle name is O’Lantern. All three of her animals have a special mention in the acknowledgements section in the back of Ithaca’s Soldier.


Kelly once met Mister Rogers and his friendly neighborhood delivery man Mr. McFeely, played by David Newell. Kelly was four-years-old when she visited the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania set in 1981 with her mom and her grandpa. Mister Rogers, who was as nice as you’d imagine, told her she could try operating the Neighborhood Trolley, so she flipped the switch with gusto thinking it would scoot off to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe like on TV. In reality, a staffer made a running leap and caught Trolley just before it crashed to the floor on the other side of the curtain.


When they met in Charleston, South Carolina in 1997, Kelly’s husband Sam was an active-duty member of a U.S. Air Force special ops team. He completed his military service a week after they met, so Kelly never had a chance to experience life as a military spouse. She remains very proud of her husband’s service, however, and is fascinated by some of the stories he tells. Many of those stories have provided inspiration for Kelly’s books. (He’s the tall one pictured above.)


Kelly’s grandpa spent summers living in Ithaca, New York for many years, and she came to know and love the city during visits to see him and his long-time companion, whom Kelly thought of as a grandmother. The character John Wendell in Ithaca’s Soldier is based on Kelly’s grandpa, and all of John Wendell’s favorite places in Ithaca are based on Kelly’s grandpa’s favorite places. Names have been changed, but if you’re familiar with the town, you might be able to make the connections between the fictional and real-life establishments.


Many of the metaphysical story lines and uncanny coincidences Kelly writes about in her books are inspired by her own remarkable experiences. Like the time when she was 9-years-old and, a few days after her grandma died, Kelly had a dream where her grandma appeared and talked to her. It wasn’t like a regular dream. There was no setting and no script. Just young Kelly and her dead grandma looking right at each other and talking, only they both knew her grandma was no longer in the land of the living. It freaked Kelly out, for sure. But she used the event as a catalyst to learn and grow, beginning a life-long interest in the kind of otherworldly experiences which many of us have, yet can’t fully explain.


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