Places Blue


A George Hartmann Novel

Psychological Thriller

Book Three

by Kelly Utt

George Hartmann is at a breaking point while his wife’s life hangs in the balance.

The danger is real. And there’s no place to hide.

Cover art by  Justin Carolyne

Cover art by Justin Carolyne


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About Places Blue:

George Hartmann is at a breaking point. His three little boys have suffered one harrowing ordeal after another and now his wife’s life hangs in the balance.

It’s all because of a threat which dates back thousands of years to a dramatic past life in Ancient Greece. Murderous villains from that far-flung past are here in the present and bent on destroying everything George holds dear.

The danger is real. There’s little to go on besides a string of distant, pieced-together memories. And there’s no place to hide.

Perfect for fans who enjoy both suspense and sentimentality, Places Blue is the third book in the George Hartmann twisty psychological thriller series.


About the George Hartmann Series:

The George Hartmann Series chronicles the close-knit Hartmann and Davies families across time and space. This life-affirming story, anchored by the deep affection between George and Alessandra, reveals how the connections we share can ground us during even the most difficult times as we endeavor to learn what we're made of. Will George be able to protect the ones he loves and find lasting peace? Join the family you'll feel like you already know as, together, they explore the meaning of life beyond what lies on the surface and fight to keep each other safe.

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The George Hartmann Series will continue in 2020 with Book Five, The Pieces. Book are best read in order.


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Readers are Raving

Non-stop from the first word to the last. I couldn’t put this down, non-stop, just when you think things are going to chill for a minute nope, it takes off again. Wonderful read, can’t wait for the next book.
— PJ
These books just keep getting better and better. This book is incredibly engrossing, so much that I read way into the night to finish! I could not put it down, This is an awesome series and I am looking forward to the next book.
— Patricia Eroh
Do you like Intensity? I do! The intensity in this book was unbelievable. It was a fascinating, gripping and compelling read. George and his extended family are up to their eyeballs in issues and problems. Nothing is quite what it seems. There is an ebb and flow to the story that just keeps you wanting more.

This is the third book in the series and it packs a powerful punch. It’s a highly episodic story that churns through the pages. I couldn’t believe I finished it so quickly. There was no place and no way to stop reading once you started. I don’t want to give anything away but the book has all the elements-a great hook, compelling characters, lots of sex, family, action, suspense, in fact it would be perfect for television.

George has to grow, evolve and reflect. It’s a journey for him. Overall, this book moves the series along nicely and sets up book four. Don’t miss it!
— Lewis Paul
Places Blue by Kelly Utt is a wonderful story that I have read. This is book number three in this wonderful series and I highly recommend this story to everyone who loves read thrillers and suspense stories.
— Scarolet Ellis
I read this latest installment from Kelly Utt in 2 days! I really liked it a lot. I am just amazed at the depth of character, emotions and description. Thank you, Kelly. Can’t wait for the next one.
— Priscilla Schwarze