Limits of Protection


A George Hartmann Novel

Psychological Thriller

Book Four

by Kelly Utt

There's an imminent threat to national security and George Hartmann must help thwart it.

Will he find a way to navigate divided loyalties and save the day?

Cover art by  Justin Carolyne

Cover art by Justin Carolyne


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About Limits of Protection:

There's an imminent threat to national security and George Hartmann is one of only a handful of patriots who can thwart it.

George never imagined he'd be forced to come out of retirement and rejoin his former special ops colleagues. Not to mention, the timing couldn't be worse. Our military hero turned family man is embroiled in a fight to keep his loved ones safe from ruthless villains who are determined to rehash a vendetta dating back to a shared past life in Ancient Greece.

With the fate of millions on the line, George must put his personal interests aside in service to his country.
Will he find a way to navigate divided loyalties and save the day?

Limits of Protection is the fourth book in the George Hartmann twisty psychological thriller series.


About the George Hartmann Series:

The George Hartmann Series chronicles the close-knit Hartmann and Davies families across time and space. This life-affirming story, anchored by the deep affection between George and Alessandra, reveals how the connections we share can ground us during even the most difficult times as we endeavor to learn what we're made of. Will George be able to protect the ones he loves and find lasting peace? Join the family you'll feel like you already know as, together, they explore the meaning of life beyond what lies on the surface and fight to keep each other safe.

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The George Hartmann Series will continue in 2020 with Book Five, The Pieces. Book are best read in order.


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Readers are Raving

WOW! George Hartmann is at it again! If you like your thriller with intense suspense, dramatic emotion, and evocative description, this series is for you. George is trying hard to save his family and now he has to save the world too. All in a day’s work. This is an episodic series best read from beginning to end but, “Limits of Protection” is a “can’t be put down, page-turner” that you’ll want to read! I can hardly wait to see what happens next.
— noname
Just finished Limits of Protection by Kelly Utt. Very good. Keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am constantly amazed at her ability to immerse the reader in the emotion, scenery, and suspense. I have really enjoyed the series so far. Can’t wait to read the next one.
— Priscilla Schwarze
This book is a must-read! An intense thriller that is full of action, suspense, intrigue, and danger, this story will keep you engaged from beginning to end.
— Heather Wamboldt