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Kelly Utt is author of the popular George Hartmann series about a military hero whose past life is back to haunt him.

The stakes are high. And the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat.

"From the first page I was totally drawn in to this powerful story of family love and adoration of four generations. Then the incident of sheer terror scared me to death! By the end, I was streaming tears! So many emotions in a realistic setting."


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Ithaca's Soldier

A George Hartmann Novel

Psychological Thriller


When George's past life as an Ancient Greek soldier catches up to his new life in Upstate New York, things get complicated.

Ithaca's Soldier is a gripping, emotional tale that will leave you wanting more.

Cover art by  Justin Carolyne

Cover art by Justin Carolyne


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"Wonderful read. I loved it. It is different from anything else I’ve read. So many twists and turns, it keeps your interest."

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